Vintage Christmas: Decoration, Meals, Adverts…

Vintage Christmas: Decoration, Meals, Adverts…

As people were living some futuristic times back in 50s, we now love everything that is vintage, retro or old-school in the rise of 21st century. We have 50s futuristic desinged sofas, chairs. We dress like in 50s, basicly everything is like as if we were living in 50s. That’s kind of paradoxal, you know. But when it comes to Christmas, nothing would be better than retro and vintage.

OMG! Christmas is So Retro!


  • For a vintage Christmas decoration, you absolutely need vintage ornaments. Don’t worry there are plenty of them on the net. Vintage ornaments are generally made of glass. So be carefull when you’re placint them to your Christmas tree.

  • If you’re planning s 50s style retro Christmas desing, then you have to choose only greens and reds, or maybe a little golds. But in 60s you have to add so many shinny vintage ornaments. Golds, silvers, bronzes are musts that you have to put on your tree and even on your dinner table. 

  • Back in 30s or 40s, everything was handmade. There are plenty of vintage ornaments or Christmas plates on the net, but they’re more expensive the nearer ones. So if you have a limited budget, then you may prefer to buy some 30s style retro green and red fabrics. Then you just have to use your imagination while creating some handmade crafts and ornaments.

  • Don’t you ever think of forgeting mistletoe branches! You tie them with red ribbon and gently place them near the fireplace.

  • If you’re planning a retro Christmas, then you have to tie the packages with true fabric ribbons, not with paper ones. Red, green and gold are your first choice. 

  • You really have to put the gifts under the Christmas tree.

  • Don’t forget old-school Christmas songs.

  • Back in 60s and 70s peacock feathers were so popular. You may use some in your decoration. Just use your imagination.

Being Retro While Cooking Christmas Dinner


  • Be ready to use more jelly in this retro style meal you’re preapering than you probably be using in a whole year. Back in 40s and 50s the jelly was accepted as something coming from outer space. So every meal, even Christmas dinner contained shaky jellies. Even tomato salads and olive salads were jellified.

  • You have to serve something frozen. Believe me, there is no other way to be fully retro. Because the discovery of refrigerator was a total revolution in food industry. Refrigerator defined the generations after its discovery. So back in 50s frozen salads or desserts were the favorite ones.

  • You have to make salads that look completely another thing. For example a banana salad with almonds that look like some candles or some spinatch salad that look like a cake.

Vintage Christmas Adverts and Sexism

  • Being retro is fine but probably living in 50s and being a woman would have sucked. Because every single thing that gone viral was sexist that days. Women portrayed as beings capable of doing nothing at all.

  • Gifts were home cleaning machines. 

  • A good woman always lights her husband’s cigarette. 

  • Buy her Singer for a Christmas full of housework. 

  • Merry Christmas pin-up Santa girl?