Top 8 Marvelous Destinations For Surfing

Top 8 Marvelous Destinations For Surfing

8. Bundoran Beach, Ireland

Surf is a dangerous sport. Sometimes it can be deadly. Even sharks could be least of your worries while you’re surfing. Ireland’s cold waters could be deadly even if you are not a fan of surfing. However Bundoran Beach in Donegal, Ireland is a favorite place for European surfers. Bundoran Beach is known for its huge waves and rocky edges. It is near Dublin and a nice spot to surf.

7. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

It is mostly known as just “J Bay” for the fanatics of the area. Surfers of South Africa has several options to surf. However J Bay is absolutely a favorite spot. It is located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The bay is known for its intense breaks, which makes it an attraction for adrenaline addicted surfers. It is also known for the highest waves around the area. It is mostly visited in winter, mostly in August, which is the middle of the summer for northern hemisphere.

6. Black Beach, San Diego, California

san-diegoNot a single surf list could be complete without a Californian beach. California could easily be considered as the “Australia” of US, when it comes to surfing. Californian sun, cliffs and high waves offer great locations for surfing. One of them is Black Beach in San Diego. Black Beach is known for its agressive waves and quick breaks.

5. North Male, Maldives

Maldives are basicly a complex of coral islands. It is a holiday paradise which offers different options for different seekers. You can have a nice and calm holiday near a reef. Snorkeling is another option. But you can also prefer to surf on the quick breaking waves of the reef area. Maldives’ 2,000 islands offer surfers great waves which break quickly and makes the surf very fun. However because of the sharp corals of the area, it is a dangerous location for beginners.

4. Tavarua Island, Fiji

fijiCloudbreak in Tavarua Island in Fiji is known for its brutal waves. It is like a Mecca for great wave lovers. And it is certainly not for beginners. These waves could reach 10 meters high and 500 meters in lenght. Great speed and deadly breaks are also other characteristics of Cloudbreak Beach in Fiji.

3. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a popular surfing location. And Rincon is among the most popular destinations when it comes to surfing in Caribbean. Rincon once was a little fishing town with a calm life. Today it is among the most favoite surfing locations of the world. The “Surf Town” is mostly regarded as just “awasome”. Rincon is known for being a perfect place for medium or intermediate surfers. Since most of the surfers around the world are considered as intermediate level, Rincon is a perfect place for most of the surfers.

2. East Coast of Brazil

brazilBrazil is a country whose east side totally borders the Atlantic Ocean. And yet that east side totally a popular place for surfing. Many sport experts consider Brazil’s east coast as “American Australia” when it comes to greatest waves. Brazil is also often regarded as the playground of the surfers. Because the east coast offers a variety of waves. Different waves, different hights and different kinds of breaks. It is almost like a school for surfers.

1. Almost All Beaches of Australia

Australia, which is among the top 5 countries for wildlife travel, is known as the country of kangaroos and the land of surfing. There couldn’t be a better place to surf than Autralia. It is almost like a national sport for the Australians and there are several surfing festivals and competitions. And yet Australia hosts some of the best locations for surfing such as Superbank, Gold Coast. It is considered to be the ultimate surfers paradise. It is stated that the beach has some of the finest breaks.