Top 6 Cities For Best, Delicious Street Food

Top 6 Cities For Best, Delicious Street Food

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capitol of Iceland, one of the best places for Christmas and winter fun, and yet it is not a holy place for street food. However as a far island, Iceland has its own culture and way of living and cuisine is one of them. Iceland has a unique and special cuisine that has no similarities with any of European cuisines. It is somehow more like Japanese cuisine. Because just like Japanese people, Iceland eats whatever comes from the sea.

Besides all kinds of sea food, Reykjavik is also known for its meat. One of the most famous street foods in Reykjavik is hot dogs, which is totally different from the ones in New York. It is a little universe, where you can eat some hot dogs, some fish and some more hot dogs…

5. London, UK

london-street-foodLondon, where some of the top 5 most influential British rock bands of 70s were formed, is known for its classical treat fish and chips. However the city has become of the most cosmopolite cities in Europe. And yet it is an expert of all kinds of street food. London is a place where you can find fine Asian or Indian food and some nice kebabs and French sendwiches and more.

There are many immigrants in London from all around the world. All those people brought their cuisines with them. So less than 2 decades, London has become the Mecca of street food in Europe. It is said that London is the best city in Europe when it comes to street food.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

mexico-cityMexico is a food country itself. Mexican cousine is considered to be one of the most delicious cuisines of the world. It is mostly known for its spicey and hot food. There are lots of classical Mexican food that is known around the world such as tacos, tortillas and salsa souce. Mexico is so good at food that almost every street is cornered with a great taste.

Mexico City is large and big city, which is full of entertainment and amuses. However it is also full of delicious street food. Today street food has become a genre itself and it has its own tourism tours and routes. Mexico City is among the top street food destinations. Mexico City is also among the top 5 museum friendly cities to visit in summer.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul-street-foodBerlin is known for doner kebab. However you must taste it in Istanbul, the birthplace of doner kebab. Istanbul is a vivid city, full of life and energy. It is one the cities that never sleeps. Istanbul has many different cultures in it and many different tastes. It combines the cuisines of east and west. And yet street food is among the best.

Istanbul is also considered as one of the most hygienic and clean cities when it comes to street food. And yet Turkey is one of the top 8 summer friendly countries around the world. You can eat your delicious kebabs without worring about catching diseases or something. There are lots of choices in Istanbul. Fish, meat, kebabs or boreks are great choices.

2. Tokyo, Japan

TokyoThere are tens of cities in Asia that could be considered as a center for sea food. However the most special of all is in Tokyo, Japan. Asia has a very different culture. It is nothing like westernculture and ıt has its own aspects. Cuisine is also very different.

Japan is a very long-established, old and rooted country. Today Japan cuisine is considered as one of the basic cusines around the world. It is also known as one of the healtiest eating principles around the world. And Tokyo streets are full of those healty and delicious sea food. It is different but it is good. If you ever travel to Tokyo, don’t hesitate to taste the street food. Don’t need to look for a western hamburger chain in the city…

1. Mumbai, India

mumbaiWell, India is absolutely a Mecca for street food. Just like Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine is among the basic cuisine principles of the world. Indian cuisines dates back 5,000 B.C. The spices which are used in Indian cuisine are considered like medicine today. So Indian cuisine is very deep and layered cuisine, full of different spices and vegetables.

Indian cuisine is mostly a vegan cuisine. There are really a few meat in it, but lots of lots of spices. And today Mumbai is said to be the best city in India when it comes to street food. It was Delhi ones, however today cleaner and more sophisticated street foods are cooked up in the streets of Mumbai.