Top 5 Most Interesting Cultural Festivals of Summer 2015

Top 5 Most Interesting Cultural Festivals of Summer 2015

5. Wife-Carrying World Championship, Finland

It is probably one of the weirdest festivals ever. Being organized since 1992, its roots goes back to 19th century. This lovely festival takes place in July in Market Square, Sonkajarvi, Finland. It is most likely a competition. The husbands need to grab their wives from the legs and, you know, run…

Finland is known for the land of the world’s most strongest men. There are several champions in this genre in Finland and it is very much like an industry now. Because as inhabitants of a cold and harsh environment, people of Finland are obsessed with strenght. And Wife-Carrying Championship is also about strenght, since the women of Finland are also strong and hard…

4. Mwaka Kogwa, Zanzibar

mwaka-kogwaThe festival takes place in Kae Kuu, Makunduchi, Zanzibar. It begins on July 15 and ends on July 21. Sometimes it continues in August as well. And it is a sort of banana festival. The locals call the festival “Mwaka Kogwa”, meaning “the show of the year”. And it is a very favorite “show” in Zanzibar.

The celebrations are a Shirazi heritage. The festival that take place to celebrate the New Year. A ritual battle is fought during the festival and at the end of every fight, a hut is burned. After the symbolic fights, predictions are made for the new year. It is becoming an international festival and every year the number of the tourists who visit the festival increases. Zanzibar also has very beautiful beaches just like top 8 super cool beaches in Caribbean.

3. World Bodypainting Festival, Austria

badypainting-festivalAustria is a beautiful country with lots of culture and history. It is also full of historical sites, museums, architecture and yet it is said to be the center of the music in Europe. However it seems Autria is also the center of the bodypainting art somehow…

Bodypainting is not a new practise. We have a really long history when it comes to bodypainting. Almost every culture and ancient civilization painted the bodies for religous or simple beauty reasons. Some tribes used to paint themselves before the wars, some used to paint themselves before the weddings. We still paint ourselves by tattooing or hanna. Or we simply organize festivals like World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria and have a chance to paint ourselves again. World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden is also a great chance to do sports such as bungee jumping and hiking.

2. Rath Yatra, India

RathyatraProbably Erich Von Daniken wasn’t talking about the chariots in the Indian chariots festival Rath Yatra, when he wrote the best-selling book Chariots of the Gods. However he did speak of some chariots of Indian gods, for example Vimanas, one of the top 5 history’s most famous mythical objects. However Rath Yatra is done to honour Lord Jagannah and his chariots every year in Bada Danda, Puri, Orissa, India.

The festival takes place during July. It begins on July 10 and it continues till July 29. During the chariot festival, hundreds of chariots walk in the streets of Puri. Some years even thousands of chariots are made to walk the road. Approximately a million of Hindu pilgrims attend the festival, along with thousands of tourists. All the vehicles, all the chariots are unique and they all look and they all are different. All the chariots are made for this festival only and they are destroyed after the festival. If you travel to India for Rath Yatra festival, don’t hesitate to look for the root bridges of Asia. They are one of the top 6 unusual trees around the world.

1. Fiesta De San Fermin, Spain

fiesta-de-san-ferminThere is a close relationship with Spanish people and bulls, no doubt that. Spain’s Running Bulls festival is another type of “entertainment” that is done with bulls in Spain. This festival takes place in Plaza de Toros, Pamplano, Navarro, Spain. It begins on July 6 and it continues till July 14. This summer, it will take place on exact dates once more.

Bull festivals take place in Spain since the dark ages. Some historians suggest that they go even further in the history. Fiesta de San Fermin is said to be romanticised by Ernest Hemingway, who did spent a great deal of time in Spain, especially during the Spanish Civil War, one of the top 10 epic wars that changed the human history forever.

The festival is dedicated to the local saint San Fermen. And this is no safe fetival, we have to admit that. There are many injuries every year. Some years even deaths occur. However people keep going to the Pamplano to run with the bulls. By the way, just a note, if you visit Spain for San Fermen Festival, don’t hesitate to visit some museums. Because three of the painters, who did the top 12 most influential paintings of all time, are Spanish.