Top 5 Deadliest Dinosaurs of The Ancient Jurassic World

Top 5 Deadliest Dinosaurs of The Ancient Jurassic World


The name itself means smooth-sided teeth. Liopleurodons were were marine carnivorous reptiles. They came from the family of Pilosauroidea. And they lived during the middle Jurassic Period. They were huge, giant sea creatures which could grow to the enormous length of 25 meters. Well, everything was truely big at that time, however these are also gigantic animals. Today their fossils could be found especially in England and France. There is only one of their species that is known to have existed somewhere in Russia. They were truely great swimmers, probably sharks could be a non-swimmer baby beside them. A study shows that this body structure would provide excellent acceleration if not top speed.


SarcosuchusSarcosuchus means “flesh crocodile”. There is no doubt that this species is one of the most dangerous and deadly species of jurassic era. And today it is believed that they happen to be very distant relatives of crocodiles. Sarcosuchus could be described as huge, gigantic crocodile whose power also gigantic. These could be the biggest crocodiles to have ever lived on this planet earth. Their fossils generally are found in Africa. The scientists classify them as Reptilia. They were long creatures. They could reach to the lenght of a bus and they could weight 8 tones. Their skull was the size of a grown male human.


spinosaurusSpinosaurus was said to be the largest carnivore to ever live. This one was the tallest and the longest meat eater ever in the ancient jurassic world. It was larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and the infamous Giganotosaurus. Sninosaurus was 18 meters tall, sometimes taller. And it could weigh 20 tons. Spinosaurus is not a very popular or iconic dinasaur. Or we could say it is not that famous. However it is an unique and truely horrifying animal. What made this creature that special was distinctive growths along his spine. It also had an oblong skull that resembles a crocodile’s cranium, which made it one of the strongest of his jungle.


velociraptorWhat makes a velociractor more deadly than a spinosaurus could be the “Jurassic Park effect”… Everybody remembers the last breath taking and claustrophobic scene from Jurassic Park. You know, the scene in the kitchen. There were such mistakes in the portrayal of the velociraptors in the movie, however it was not entirely wrong. Raptors are strong, intelligent and speedy animals. The name means “swift seizer”. It is believed that velociraptors had lived more than 75 to 71 million years ago. They lived in the late Cretaceous Period. Today researchers found their fossils in China and Mongolia. Scientists classified them as Reptilia and it is said that they belong to the family of Dromaeosauridae. They reach to the size of a grown man. Sometimes they could reach up to 2 meters. However they generally weigh up to 15 kilos, which makes them truely nippy animals. They usually attack in herds, and besides, they are really really fast.


t-rexWell, just hail the king. If the lion is the king of our jungle, t-rex was the king of his. There were larger dinos around him. There were faster ones or better swimmers. However tyrannosaurus rex was the most terrifying of all. The name tyrannosaurus rex means “Tyrant Lizard”. Their fossils are generally found in Western North America. And it is thought that they walked on this earth some 67 million years ago. They are also classified as Reptilia. This huge hunters belong to the family of Tyrannosauridae. They are among the strongest dinos ever. This gigantic meat eater could grow more than 12 meters in length. And they could weigh more than 6 metric tons. Well yes, they had some small, even funny arms, however they don’t like to use their hands much when they eat. Tyrannosaurus rex had a huge and long tail, which he also used as a weapon. The tail helped him to get his balance when he was making sudden moves and it also helped the tyrannosaurus rex to defeat his enemy in that savage and untamed jungle. And just a little note, there is no evidence that tyrannosaurus rex only senses the movement. So we’re not sure if it’s a good idea to stand still when a tyrannosaurus rex is around.