Top 5 Best Christopher Lee Performances

Top 5 Best Christopher Lee Performances

For many critics and so, Christopher Lee was the best Dracula ever on silver screen. He was a legendary actor, who starred in almost 300 movies during his long career. He began acting in late 40s. However he was one of the most important B-Movie actors of 60s and 70s. He was also the only LOTR movie actor who met J. R. R. Tolkien in person. He was one of the most influential actors of modern cinema for sure. Here are his best performances ever…

5. The Curse Of The Frankenstein (1957)

Without a doubt, Frnkenstein is one of the most influential characters ever created. It was originally written by Mary Shelley in early 19th century. The novel itself was so shocking that many critics found it so very grotesque. However the novel and the character Frankenstein immediately became unforgettable classics. There are tens of Frankenstein adaptations when it comes to the movies, one of the best is The Curse Of The Frankenstein.

Many critics suggest that Christopher Lee is the best thing that ever happened to b-movies and horror cinema, after Boris Karloff. Both Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee played the Count Dracula and Frankenstein. 1957 Terence Fisher movie The Curse Of The Frankenstein is among the best…

4. Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

christopher-leeThe first Gremlins were suberb. It was shot Joe Dante six years later than the first one. In the movie we see Christopher Lee as Doctor Catheter. In 1990, Sie Christopher Lee was 68 years old. He was very experienced actor and he was very good at playing in all sorts of fantastic movies.

Gremlins 2 was a nice movie for sure. And yet Christopher Lee was among the nice things about the movie. In the movie, Christopher Lee as Doctor Catheter is a mad scientist who works for a big company, you know the ones that don’t hesitate to experiment. So he wants to experiment on Gremlins, however things go awry.

3. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

christopher-lee_sarumanLOTR was one of the biggest productions ever made by Hollywood. Even the director Peter Jackson waited for the technology to come for being able to shoot the movie. The shooting lasted years and New Zeland was the place, the Middle Earth. Today we consider Lord Of The Rings trilogy as one of the best trilogies ever. And yet the movie contains some best actors of our times.

Nobody could forget Christopher Lee as Lord Saruman, the white wizard of Middle Earth who was one a good wizard but then shifted side. Lord Saruman was a tense, stricking character and Christopher Lee played it so very well that we almost hated him. And he was the first choice of Peter Jackson as Lord Saruman.

2. The Wicker Man (1973)

wicker-man1973 Robin Hardy movie The Wicher Man is a true cult classic. It is one of the most important movies of England when it comes to horror-thrillers. It totally had a creepy atmosphere and an unique story that influenced all the audience around the world.

70s were the times when occult, satanic and demonic movies are the favorites. The true villain of the 70s was the satan himself. There were mostly satanic cult movies in USA. However European cinema was braver than US back then. The Wicker Man focuses on a pagan ritual that has Celtic connections, which totally shocked the world.

1. Dracula (1958)

draculaThere are tens of Dracula movies since the early 20s. Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Gary Oldman are some of the best “Dracula”s ever. Some critics suggest that 1922 Nosferatu is the number one of top 10 best vampire movies of all time.

However there is one other Dracula who is remembered his unforgettable performance. Christopher Lee as Count Dracula defined an era. Lee and Hammer Films worked togehter and they mostly created the British style in b-movie making. Dracula is one of the bests of this partnership.

Today many critics suggest that Christopher Lee’s Dracula is the inspiration for many other actors who played Dracula after him. His performance is even considered to be influential on any other actor who played a villain some time after Lee. Christopher Lee’s cold and intense Dracula is one of the most horrifying characters ever played.

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