Top 3 Most Haunted Places On Planet Earth

Top 3 Most Haunted Places On Planet Earth

Nobody would deny that Planet Earth could be an eerie place sometimes. There are some places that maybe men aren’t suppose to walk there. Some places are creepier than the others as default even if nothing ever happened there. But those places don’t just sit there and wait till the end of the times. Everytime men walk those places, things just happen… Here are top three “forbidden” places to sane people:

Island Of The Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexicoisland-of_dolls

There are haunted places on Earth yes, but some haunted places are more haunted than the others and more sorrowful. “Isla de Muñecas” without a doubt is one of them. The history of Doll Island is very old and complex like many other haunted histories.

It is said that in 1920s three children, three little girls were drowned in the thick water of the island and their spirits never left the island. Since then, unexplained things start to happen in the Island of The Dolls.

In 50s Julian Barrera moved the island to live there. But just after he moved the island, he start to hear sounds, especially little girls’ voices. He pitied the girls and start to buy some old dolls for them to play. Years has passed and the island became full of old and eerie dolls. Now it is said that if you go close enough to the island, you can hear the dolls talk to each other. If you go closer, the dolls gonna lure you to step up the island.

Tower Of London, London, UK


Tower of London has a long history which goes back more than 900 years. Most of these 900 years are full of torture, pain, suffering and execution. So if we say there are many recorded paranormal activity in Tower of London, it wouldn’t be suprising, would it?

Nearly for 500 years, people complained about hearing voices, crys and screams in the shadows of the tower. Some people, even the guards in the tower heard the voices, some of them had gone a step further and told that they saw some ghostly figures in the corridors of the tower. By the way, throughout the history, the most seen ghost of the tower is Anne Boleyn.

Banff Spring Hotel, Alberta, Canada


To realize that something is wrong with this old hotel, you just need to have a look at some photos of the old building. Stands alone in the dark woods of Alberta, this 125 years old hotel has a stunning architecture. It is really big and it has many many rooms with high ceilings and adorable views. Perfect location for a spring holiday, this old hotel offers even more.

The hotel has a long history of paranormal activities. Many visitors talk about some disturbances. The most known ghost story of the hotel is a young bride who fall from the staircase and break her neck. After the horrible accident it is said that the bride never left the hotel and still wanders in old corridors. And even the employees have stories to tell. Voices, footsteps, ghostly figures, sudden colds and an eerie feeling of being watched are so common in this old hotel.