Playboy Owner Hugh Hefner Dead or Alive?

Playboy Owner Hugh Hefner Dead or Alive?

Adult magazine company Playboy’s owner Hugh Hefner is said to be dead by natural causes on December 28. But later it’s stated officially that Hefner actually did not die and the rumour in deed is a twitter hoax. As every hoax the rumour went viral immediately and spread as fast as it can. Hugh Hefner being dead is retweeted so much and shared more than 150000 times on Facebook but it seems nobody tried to check the trustworthy news sites, because it took more than 5 hours to prove that Hefner didn’t actually die.

According to the hoax, the police responds a call from Hugh Hefner’s estate and when the police get there they identify the body of Hefner. But then immediately he’s been pronounced dead by the police. Hoax suggests Hefner dies by natural causes but doesn’t say exactly what are those natural causes.

Later the hoax proved to be wrong by the tweet of Hefner’s wife showing the family enjoying themselves. It is also stated that this is not the first time ever an internet hoax intended to kill Hugh Hefner. 88 year old Hefner said to be dead many times and the rumours spread immediately.

Who İs Hugh Hefner?


Hefner was born in Chicago in 1926. He is owner and founder of Playboy Entertainment and an important figure in adult entertainment industry. He has German and Swiss ancestory. Although he had a conservative family, Hefner run one of the most “explicit” and “dirty” companies of US. He is listed among the founders of adult entertainment industry.

He studied pscyhology and creative writing. Then he worked for Esquire for a time as a copywriter. After Esquire denied a salary raise, Hufner quited his work and founded Playboy by the help of $1000 loan coming from his mother.

In the first Playboy issue, Marilyn Monroe’s nude photos were published and the magazine sold more than 50000 copies. That was the big start of Playboy magazine which later became a huge success and a total entertainment franchise.

Playboy and Adult Entertainment


Playboy is one of the biggest and well-known adult magazines in US and in the world. Before many other adult magazines, there were Playboy. Playboy’s success created a brand new industry and a special popular culture perception in the minds of young adults.

Adult industry’s generally seen as a dirty industry because of the nudity. But in deed nudity was the cleanest part of the industry. As in many other big industries, the conpetition and desire to be the number one, led the biggest adult magazines to go extreme sometimes. But after all, it is said that adult industry has a role on 70s nudist movements and somehow on hippi generation.

Today Playboy Entertainment is one of the biggest adult publishing and broadcasting companies of US. Playboy and Hefner founded a new genre in the minds of young adults and changed the world radically. Since 1953 many celebrities like Kim Basinger, Drew Barrymore, Linda Evans, Janet Jones and Katarina Witt posed for Playboy. It has been a nice 70 years…