Most Unforgettable Events of 2014 With Photos – 2

Most Unforgettable Events of 2014 With Photos – 2

2014 was a long year full of important events, which makes us think it was even longer than any other year. In 2014 there took place many incidents some of which are truely joyful, but some of which are just so depressing or bitter. It was a tough year and now everyone on earth wishing a new and fresh start in 2015. recently we listed some of the most unforgettable events of 2014 with photos, this one is following of that post.

World Cup 2014 and Brazil Protests

Brazil World Cup protests
Brazil World Cup protests

20th FIFA World Cup took place in several venues across Brazil this year. The tournament was expected for some time. Last World Cup had taken place in South Africa. When it was declared where 2014 World Cup taking place, Brazil started to prepare the country for the biggest football event of the world. But that preparations leaded some unfortunate events as well.

Before and during World Cup, many public demostrations took place in Brazil. People were protesting their government because they changed the face of the city regardless of destroying poor people’s houses. Many “favelas” were destroyed and instead new houses to the poor, stadiums or shopping malls were built to those areas. World Cup 2014 will be remembered with the Brazil riots and street clashes…

Mine Disaster In Soma, Turkey


One of the biggest mine accidents of 21st century, yet one of the biggest of 20th century took place in Soma, Turkey. Officials declared that 301 miner were killed in the accident. But many other people’s rights organizations stated that more than a thousand people were killed in the accident.

After the accident Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s statements took public attention worldwide and the speech was criticised so badly. He gave some examples of late 18th and early 19th century England mine accidents and claimed that those kinds of accidents are normal and God’s work.

ISIS Became Number One Fear Factor in The World

great Yazidi march escaping from ISIS
great Yazidi march escaping from ISIS

Islamic State (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant/ISIS) was the biggest suprise of 2014. There was a war going on in Syria for 4 years. Middle East is already known for being a war-zone. And Syrian Civil War is no different. But when ISIS started to take over cities and states, the stiuation became complicated.

This year there has been several massacres done by Islamic State in Kurdish and Yazidi cotrolled areas like Kobané. ISIS kidnapped and sold many Kurdish and Yazidi women this year. Things you need to know about ISIS’s female genital mutilation in Syria conflict and basicly ISIS’s female genital mutilation was another big shock for people worldwide.

But in a short period of time Kurd forces were organized and they started to fight against ISIS and they were the first forces who successfully drove back ISIS.

Israel – Gaza Conflict Once Again

Gaza air strike

Unfortunatelly the years that there’s no conflict between Israel and Gaza are less than the years they had conflict. 2014 was one of them. In July Israel launched a 8 weeks operation in Hamas controlled Gaza. It was a response to kidnapping of 3 Israeli teenagers by Hamas forces.

During the operation more than 3000 civilians in Gaza were killed, many hospitals and schools were bombed and the life was literally stopped. The most iconic moment of the operation was those Israelis who sit and watch the bombs hitting Gaza in a distance that they can easily hear the screams of the people in Gaza.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappearance


It was the most mysterious incident of 2014. ınternational passenger plane disappeared on March 8th 2014. No evidence can be found about the plane’s disappearance. Nobody knows where the place could be gone. After the disappearance a search and rescue effort was launched in a large area. But nothing was found. It is still unknown what happened to that plane and its passengers. It was also stated that for a time the cell-phones of the passengers rang but not a single one of them answered the phone.