“Je Suis Charlie”: Charlie Hebdo’s New Muhammad Cover

“Je Suis Charlie”: Charlie Hebdo’s New Muhammad Cover

After French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo attack shocked the world, people of good will gathered and walked for Charlie and freedom of expression in Paris and in many other cities around the world. Many world leaders attended the gathering in Paris and many messages were sent to the public.

Also social media is now full of “Je Suis Charlie” hashtags and messages. Even Golden Globes winners and stars sent messages to support Charlie Hebdo. And thanks to the supports, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo decided to go on. Tomorrow on Wednasday the 14th, the first issue after the attacks will be on sale with a caricature of Prophet Muhammad once again. By publishing another Muhammad caricature they give a message and say “we don’t give up!


Charlie Hebdo attack is one of the most important incidents and attacks in human history that is directly targetting the freedom of expression and freedom of thought. And it is even more important that the incident took place in France, the literal symbol of freedom of expression. As January 2015’s deadliest massacre Boko Haram attack in Nigeria, Charlie Hebdo attack will be remembered and speculated for a long time. On the other hand, the magazine made a controversial move and published another Muhammad caricature. But this time Prophet Muhammad cries for the deceased artists of Charlie Hebdo with a sign in his hands saying “Je Suis Charlie”. This effort of Charlie Hebdo that tries to continue right after the funerals of their friends and still tries to draw should be considered brave and a contribute to freedom of expression.

Charlie Hebdo Publishes A “Je Suis Charlie” Issue

mohammad-je-suis-charlieWhile Muslim extremists are still targetting Charlie Hebdo and saying that publishing another Muhammad caricature means continuing to insult the prophet, in fact the intention of remaining Charlie Hebdo artists is much more deeper than that.

Egypt’s grand mufti, warned the magazine and called them “racist” for publishing another Muhammad caricature. He says the new issue will cause hatred again. And he is not the only one who still thinks that he has the right to threaten a satirical magazine. Extremists are full of them.

The new Charlie Hebdo issue is created by few surviving artists of the magazine. They buried their beloving friends, overcame the trauma and started to work for not drying the ink. It is a tough responsibility and a very hard decision to make. But they decided to go on anyway.

In the upcoming issue of the magazine, we see Prophet Muhammad literally in tears and holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie.” With this cover, Charlie Hebdo artists intend to express their opinion about what Muhammad would do if he would have witnessed an attack by himself. They also send the message to the world that they are also “je suis Charlie”. It’s like a mirror in a painting that reflects “a mirror in a painting” kind of effect, you know, like in infamous Velazquez painting.

In the press conference Charlie Hebdo cartoon artist Luz who at the same time drew the controversial cover cartoon said that:

I had the idea of drawing this character of Mohammed, as it’s my character, because he existed, at least in people’s hearts, and in any case he exists when I draw him.

He is a character that got our offices burned, and a character who at first got us treated as the great white knights of the freedom of the press because the offices had burned down. Then a year later when we redrew the character we were treated as dangerous provocatives and irresponsibles. So this character led us to be called either white knights or provocateurs, whereas we are above all cartoonists who draw little people like children do.


But it seems extremists didn’t got the idea. It already seems that extremists don’t have even a clue what satire is really about. They don’t know that the satire is the lightest way of criticising something or someone without directly hurting them. And political satire is not even crticising the politics or politicians. Political satire is just about giving an open idea of what the funny parts of politics could be. After all it is just satire and there is not much things to take those jokes too much seriously. But it seems the people who killed 12 people certainly didn’t know that.