French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo Attack Shocked The World: 12 Dead

French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo Attack Shocked The World: 12 Dead

Today world is shocked by the attacks to the world famous weekly French satirical humour magazine Charlie Hebdo. Attackers’ identities are still unknown. They have attacked to the headquarters of the magazine in downtown Paris early this morning. Corinne Rey, Charlie Hebdo caricature artist, who survived this attack stated that she herself opened the door to the attackers and she also stated that they said to be from Al-Qaeda.


Police says 12 people confirmed dead. Among the deads there are famous caricature artists such as Charb, Cabu, Wolinski and Tignous. 3 attackers run after the fire. Right after the attack, France President Francois Hollande stated that “France is in shock by this terrorist attack. We are threatened because we are a country of freedom. This is an attack against freedom of expression.” The US secretary of state John Kerry has pledged his support to the people of France.


Charlie Hebdo is a controversial humour magazine that has a strong and old tradition in France. The magazine recently was the center of “Islamophobia” accusations because of the caricature of Islam prophet Muhammad. And this is not the first time that Charlie Hebdo is attacked. And yet Michel “The Islamophobic” Houllebecq‘s book was featured by Hebdo today.

The attacks shocked the world. Many cartoon artists, caricaturists, humour authors and many other authors have condemned the attack on twitter and on many other social platforms. Some humour magazines announced their support to the Charlie Hebdo family and there has been many protests around the world condemning the attacks. Some analysts suggest that today’s Charlie Hebdo attack is 9/11 of freedom of expression in western world.

Political Satirism or Islamophobia?

This is not the first time a humour magazine is attacked or threatened. In Europe and in other continents, caricature artists and caricature magazines are always seen as “public enemies” by some societies. Charlie Hebdo has been one of them.

collaboration between Charlie Hebdo and LeMan
collaboration between Charlie Hebdo and LeMan

Recently Turkish caricature artist Musa Kart was sued by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Shorlyt after that Turkish weekly humour magazine LeMan (Turkish Charlie Hebdo) was sued by one of the mayors of the Turkish Government. Charlie Hebdo is also known to have strong and close relationships with Turkish humour magazine LeMan.

El Jueves, Spanish weekly humour magazine was hacked several times for supporting Charlie Hebdo. And the magazine itself went controversial when the magazine published caricatures of the royal family of Spain.

However there is an special law in Spain known as “Animus Iocandi” which simply means “spirit of the joke”. It is a legitimate term that means a joke or a caricature doesn’t intend to hurt anybody’s feelings or a religous belief, but “the nature of the joke” suggests and comes that way.


This “Animus Iocandi” was involved in Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad caricatures lawsuit. The case was brought to court by the Islamic organizations in France. In the court Charlie Hebdo stated that their caricatures were never intended to hurt anybody. But the nature of the joke came that way, the caricatures were made with animus iocandi.