Complete List Of Pyramid Mysteries Around The World

Complete List Of Pyramid Mysteries Around The World

Today we build skyscrapers reaching to the very highs of the sky, we dig underworld tunnels like metros, we even fly. But yet we have no clue why all the ancient civilizations built pyramids. Why did they built them and how? Were they connected or did they know something nowadays we don’t? Time of knowing is so new for us and there are a lot more that we don’t know. Like the mysteries of the pyramids around the world. 

How Many Pyramids Are There?

In Egypt alone, there are more than 100 pyramids. In 2008 there was 118 identified pyramids in the country. But the number is increasing every day. There are nearly a 100 in America as well. Scientists suggest that there are a lot more yet to be discovered. Satellite images show that there are lots of pyramids in Egyptian desert. Not been uncovered. Today we think the biggest of the known pyramid is Great Pyramid of Giza. But there could be a bigger one under the sand of the desert. Maybe the greatest achievement in archeology is waiting to be discovered, who knows?

How Big The Pyramids?

giza-pyramidsBiggest known pyramid of pyramid universe is the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is 2,58 million m3. More than 2 million stone blocks were used when it was built. Scientists suggest that Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids in Giza. But today there are claims about the civilization who built them. Some scientists believe there was an older civilization than the Egyptians who built the great pyramid and who tought all the stuff that Egypians knew.

Second largest pyramid is Pyramid Of Khafre. It is 2,21 million m3. Great Pyramid of Cholula is the third largest pyramid in the world. It is 1,8 million m3. It is stated that once upon a time this pyramid was the largest pyramid ever built on earth. It was 4,45 million m3, nearly double of Great Pyramid Of Giza.

Mummy Curses

king-tut-tombBack in 20s and 30s there were hundreds of mummy movies, all were telling the horrible stories of the mummies who follow and haunt people. In fact all those movies were based on actual happenings around the mummies. People who found them died soon after they uncovered the pyramids.

In 1910 Egyptologist Douglas Murray died because of a mysterious disease, right after finding some of the most important mummies of all. There were warnings at the walls of chambers of the pharaohs. Ancient Egyptians were warning the people who were about to enter the chamber about deaths and diseases. At first Egyptologists didn’t give attention to the warnings. It was just an ancient belief for them. They were scientists after all. But when they began to get sick one by one, the whole world also began to fear the curse of the ancient pharaohs.

Lord Carnarvon was dead six weeks later he opened Tutankhamon‘s burial chamber, as well as all the people who were there at the opening ceremony of the pharaoh’s chamber. Today it is known what caused the deaths was the toxic air that was boxed in the pyramid for more than 3 thousand years. But back then, people only get frightened more.

Stranger Than Fiction? Weird Facts About The Pyramids

Chichen-Itza-CastilloThe pyramids in Giza are in the exact position with the Orion constellation, everybody knows that. But there are facts even weirder than this. Interior temperature of every single pyramid around the world is always equal and stable and it is 20 Degrees Celsius, which is also the exact average temperature of planet earth.

The mortar used in the construction has unknown origins. We don’t say it is alien, we only say nobody know what kind of mortar it is. Scientists analyzed the mortar, the chemicals are known but the mortar cannot be reproduced. At least our so civilized culture cannot make it. And it is stronger than the stone.

Most of the coffers were made soild granite. Microscopic analysis reveals that the granite block was cut with a pressure of 2 tons and it was cut with hard jewel. But the weirderst fact about the pyramids is the 10,500 BC mystery. Why all the pyramids were somehow constructed to the star constellations of 10,500 BC? How did they know the true constellation 7,500 years before them? And most importantly why did they built their pyramids according to them?

The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure of human history. The building faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. There is not such any other building in the world. And its purpose still remains a mystery. Why did Egyptians wanted their pyramids to face true north? Well maybe they like north…

How They Were Constructed?

construction-of-pyramidsThat’s the biggest mystery of all. Maybe it’s not in world’s top 6 unsolved mysteries but surely it is a greatest mystery. Neither the curses nor the strange facts about the pyramids are that mysterious. Because modern science has no clue about how they were built. Well, in fact there are some clues, some claims and theories but nothing yet to uncover the greatest mystery of our times: how did ancient people managed to built them, while even today we are not able to re-built them?

This question is the reason why millions of people around the world actually believe that ancient Egyptian or Mayan gods were extraterrestrials. Some more “logical” theories suggest that a far more older civilization like Atlantis built them or showed the ancient people how to build them. Well, the construction of the pyramids still remains the greatest mystery of our time.

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