Another Black Teenager, Antonio Martin Shot in Ferguson

Another Black Teenager, Antonio Martin Shot in Ferguson

David Carson, AP

Police reported that a black teenager fatally shot on Teusday. Later it’s said that the teenager’s name is Antonio Martin and he is shot 2 miles from Ferguson. He was 18 years old. Police also reported that he has pointed a gun to the police and later has been shot at a gas station.

As Assocaited Press says; county police was on a regular patrol, then he saw two man approaching him. Police officer said that one of the men pointed a gun at him. As a result police officer fired a several shots. And unfortunately the man (Antonio Martin) was fatally injured. When Antonio Martin was shot, the other man run away. The incident wasn’t recorded by police body camera, yet the gas station’s camera was on. It’s also been stated that after the incident people gathered the station. Also the shooting of Antonio Martin has been a trend topic on social media.

Later authorities stated that St. Louis police was called to the place to investigate a theft. After hearing the incident, Antonio Martin’s mother talked to the press and she said “it doesn’t make any sence for them to kill my son. It’s my baby!

Antonio Martin's mother by David Carson, AP
Antonio Martin’s mother by David Carson, AP

After the incident black mayor of Berkeley tried to cool down the situation. Police is also trying to avoid another spree of protests in Ferguson and Berkeley.

The Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has recently stated about the incident that; “The events in Berkeley are a reminder that police officers have a difficult and often dangerous job in protecting themselves and law-abiding citizens.

Berkeley is 85% black. Yet it’s stated that most of the police force is also black. But last three deadly shootings in Ferguson was fired by white officers. This is why the tension is so high in Ferguson and Berkeley and citizens are restless.

What Had Happened In Ferguson

Ferguson, Summer 2014
Ferguson, Summer 2014

18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by 28-year-old white police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Later Officer Wilson stated that Brown was walking in the middle of the street and the officer approached him and warned him. Brown said that the street was empty, but Officer Wilson insisted that he wouldn’t have walked in the middle of the road. Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson argued and the arguement gone wild. As a result Michael Brown was shot six times and killed by Officer Wilson. This incident was one of the most unfrogettable events of 2014.

Mike Brown’s death shocked the society and in a short period of time. Ferguson became a literal battleground for protesters and police. Protests continued relentlessly for two weeks. Protesters slogan was “Hands up! Don’t shoot!

Later this slogan gone viral and many people around US and around the world carried out support protests. While these protests were continuing many people were injured and another teenager was shot.

Another big spree of protests took place when Darren Wilson’s lawsuit. He missed the court several times and eventually Police Officer Darren Wilson not indicted in Michael Brown shooting.