15 Things You Need To Know About Coke

15 Things You Need To Know About Coke

  • Coca Cola is the world’s most recognized commercial product. 94% of the world’s population knows the Coca Cola brand. Coca Cola is sold in 200 countries and Coca Cola logo is written in 80 different languages.

  • Coca Cola’s colors, logo, and the first advertising banner desigs based on the image of Santa Claus.

  • “Coke” is a slang word in Colombia which identifies people who consumed so much cocaine.

  • rum-colaThere are more than 200 different cocktails made with Coca Cola of which 162 of them are among the best selling cocktails of all time. Rum Cola, Vodka Cola, Tequila Cola, Whisky Cola are the most popular ones.

  • In Spain you can buy tinned wine with Coke.

  • Fanta was created during World War II in Nazi Germany by Max Keith, Coca Cola representative of Germany. There are two urban legends about Fanta. First; it is said that Americans intentionally created Fanta for Nazis so that they could not drink precious Coca Cola. The other is that Nazis created Fanta to beat Coca Cola.

  • During World War II, the US Army consumed up to 5 million bottles of Cola. In the years of war, one bottle of coke was 5 cents for all US soldiers.

  • Cola have phosphoric acid in its components. According to urban legend, if you put a piece of meat into a bottle of Cola, that meat will totally dissolve within 2 days.

  • If your washbasin is plugged, you don’t need a plunger. Just pour a bottle of coke to the washbasin. Another urban legend suggests that you can clean a rusty metal by cleansing with Coke.

  • Coca Cola sold 1 million gallons of coke in 58 years time. In the 50s gas stations in the United States was selling more Coke than they sell gasoline.

  • Today 1 million gallons of coke are sold within every 6 months. Seven thousand Coca Cola products are consumed every single second around the world.

  • Coca Cola factory in Mexico City is the world’s leading Cola manufacturer among other Cola factories. Mexico is the world’s largest Coca Cola consuming country.


  • Coca Cola is the first carbonated drink that is consumed in space. In 1985, the crew of the space shuttle Challenger became the first people in space who drink Coca Cola.


    The first Coca Cola factory was in Cuba after United States. But after Cuban Revolution, Coca Cola factory had been closed and it is not sold in Cuba anymore.gods-must-be-crazy

  • In 1980 cult movie Gods Must Be Crazy is about an empty Coca Cola bottle. The story focuses on a Coke bottle that is thrown from a plane to the grizzle planes of Africa. In modern world everybody knows what the Coke bottle looks like and what it is for. But in Africa, in “wild life” nobody understands what that little shinny thing is for. 35 years have past since the movie’s first release, there are literally not much places where Coca Cola is unknown.